Nigerian Box Collaboration with Naija Beta Film

Next month’s Spice Madam box will take you to Nigeria through the lens of food AND film. The recipes featured in the box are inspired by filmmaker Arthur Musah’s time in Nigeria producing Naija Beta, a story about MIT students who create a robotics program to teach high school students in Lagos, Nigeria. See the trailer below:

It’s an inspiring story of the power of education and of youthful ambition in a complex country. We are proud to partner with Naija Beta to provide you an exclusive discount to stream the film in the box  and will also be donating a portion of the proceeds from this box to the film’s efforts.


Today is the LAST DAY to sign up, so it’s a great time to join us for a unique culinary adventure! You can listen to some Nigerian tunes as you cook up the delicious recipes and round out the night watching the inspiring film. A perfect date night & movie night in one!

Stay Spicy!
The Spice Madams


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