New Year, New Spicier You

With the new year, also come resolutions and diets, but you don’t have to settle for boring meals just to stay healthy! SPICES to the rescue…

When you learn to use spices in your cooking, you will find that you can use less salt and fat without sacrificing the flavor. In addition, some spices can provide added health benefits like being anti-inflammatory, helping with digestion and even clearing your complexion.

The hardest part is understanding how to use new spices you haven’t tried before. So we’ve made this handy chart to give you some spice pairing ideas that you can work into your daily cooking and start off your year with a healthy AND delicious start!


And here are some recipes to get you going:

Click here for a printable version to keep on your fridge. Tag your pictures with #SPICEMADAM and post them to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook so we can see your new spicy skills in action!

Stay Spicy,

The Spice Madams


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