Holiday Special for Spice Madam

Want to be the BEST Thanksgiving Dinner guest this week?

Host & Hostess gifts are a great way to show appreciation when you arrive at your friend’s or family’s home for Thanksgiving dinner. A Spice Madam gift subscription is the gift that keeps giving to your host!


As a special holiday offer, all 1 year gift subscriptions purchased by 12/15/16 will also include a special travel postcard in each month’s box including a personal message from you.
A great way to let someone know you are thinking of them every month!


It’s the easiest gift because we will email your gift recipient to let them know about the gift, or you can print out a card to give to them in person as you are on your way to Thanksgiving dinner!

Wishing you a great week celebrating with your loved ones!

Stay Spicy!

Meghana & Kim
The Spice Madams



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