A festival of flavors in Hong Kong!

To visit Hong Kong is to have all your senses saturated in every way.

Our journey there this month was a whirlwind of experiences, wrapped up with many delicious flavors that tell the story of Hong Kong’s culture.

The Spice Madams at the top of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong!

The minute we step off the plane and into the city, the aromas of rich broths and hand-pulled noodles begin to entice us. At every turn, street-food vendor displays of meat skewers, egg waffles and dim sum signs call out to us and we want to try it all. We feel like we’re in the middle of a wonderful food festival – this is what daily life is like in Hong Kong!


We start our mornings with traditional Cantonese breakfast dishes like congee (a savory rice porridge topped with scallions & chili oil) and freshly baked buns with all kinds of fillings – barbecue pork, glazed pineapple and coconut with sesame. The majority of locals in Hong Kong are Cantonese, originating from the Guangdong province of China, and their influence is tightly intertwined with Hong Kong’s food culture. In fact, as a nod to the impact of Cantonese influences, the Hong Kong Government has listed the pineapple bun as a part of the city’s intangible cultural heritage!

A soft pineapple bun, hot from the local baker’s oven.

No trip with the Spice Madams is complete without a cooking class! We spend a laugh-filled day with a local chef, exploring the lively produce market and perfecting our dumpling folding technique. The abundance of fresh vegetables from the market makes its way to the table in the form of a deep purple eggplant stir-fry and sautéed pumpkin with pork and mushrooms.                 cooking.png
The rest of our week in Hong Kong is filled with plenty of walking, as we explore the crowded markets and dart across busy intersections in search of local treasures.

Sometimes, the path to cross the street involves finding a hidden pedestrian bridge or walking up a steep incline to cross to the other side; and the miles add up quickly! On one particular day, after walking over 10 miles (before lunchtime!), we hungrily follow the tantalizing aromas into Yat Lok, a casual & crowded Michelin Star restaurant with rows of freshly roasted goose meat displayed in a tempting visual array.

Lunch is ready at Yat Lok!

Our roaring appetites are quickly tempered as we enjoy the hot plates of crispy-skinned roast goose and BBQ pork, served with rice. The meat is perfectly crispy on the outside and soft and succulent on the inside. This is the epitome of Hong Kong cuisine, complete with a hot cup of tea to warm our bodies and hearts.

BBQ roasted pork – yum!

Hong Kong has given us so many adventures and memories that we will treasure for a lifetime.  The city excites your heart with its bustling streets and glittering lights, then calms your soul with a hushed peace as you take in the beauty of its temples. It pushes you physically, with steep city hills and miles of pavement to cover, then rewards you generously with steaming plates of roasted, spiced meat and hot bowls of rich broth that energize your spirit.

hong kong closing.png

We have so many more Hong Kong stories, photos and of course recipes to share with you in a future Spice Madam box! Don’t miss out – sign up now to get or gift your monthly Spice Madam box for the holidays!

Enjoy your holiday season and Stay Spicy!

Meghana & Kim
The Spice Madams


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