Dallas Supper Club, Nikkei Cuisine & Peruvian Fire

We recently had the honor & pleasure to host a dinner with Dallas Supper Club & TJ’s Seafood Market highlighting Nikkei cuisine, a fusion of Japanese & Peruvian food cultures that developed over the last 100 years in Peru. The evening was a magical collision of food, history, culture, story-telling & fun that inspired us to move from exploring Japan in our last month’s box to bringing the flavors of Peru to you next month!

All photos by Robert Bostick

While Japan was all about delicate layers of flavors & precise technique, we learned that Peruvian food was all about earthy texture from potatoes & fiery spice from many varieties of Peruvian peppers. We are excited to take you on a very different type of culinary adventure this month, so JOIN US HERE!

A special thank you to Alma Soul Imports for providing the beautiful hand-crafted Peruvian textiles and Black Petal Floral Design for the inventive ikebana flower arrangements with Peruvian colors. These two women-owned businesses are amazing & we are so proud to work alongside them.


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