Japanese Spice Starter Kit

We are excited to announce that our box of Japanese spices is now available for one-time purchase! This is one of our favorite boxes yet, filled with all sorts of hard to get spices to bring the magic of Japanese cooking to your kitchen.


Each box contains miso, kombu, katsuobushi, wakame, roasted sesame seeds & shichimi togarashi along with recipes like dashi stock, miso soup, sushi rice, chicken yakitori & more! Just open up the box, and you are ready to host an awesome Japanese meal in your own home. We also include a playlist to set the mood while you are cooking, and interesting culture & travel facts about Japan to give you a more well-rounded picture of what you are eating. There are a limited quantity available so, get yours today!

In this box, we are especially excited to introduce you to a cool product we found in our research: a shelf-stable miso squeeze pouch!


When you normally buy miso, it comes in a much larger container, which can be a bit intimidating to buy for the average cook. This smaller amount is perfect for occasional Japanese cooking, and the squeeze pouch makes it so easy to use. We also LOVE the miso in this container; it’s a medium-bodied flavor that is versatile for use in many dishes, from soups to grilled meats & vegetables. It also happens to be naturally non-GMO & gluten-free! We were so impressed with it, that we are also making it available for individual sale on our site.

P.S. if you are already a Spice Madam subscriber, first of all THANK YOU, and second, remember that you get an extra 10% off any other one time purchases on http://spicemadam.com.



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