Destination – Turkey

This January, the Spice Madams are taking you to…Turkey!


Turkish cuisine has developed as a result of it’s unique location straddling between Eastern Europe and Asia. At one point, the old capitol of Turkey, Istanbul was known as the “cradle of civilization” as people from across both continents crossed through the city on trade routes, bringing their food and customs into Turkish culture.

Turkish dishes are often very healthy, but flavorful thanks to the variety of spices used in the dishes that can replace the heavy use of salt and fat. Check out some Turkish recipes below from across the web to get a taste of Turkish cuisine:

Join us on this culinary journey by signing up for your own subscription to Spice Madam, where we will be your passionate guides to explore the flavors of a new cuisine each month! Your boxes will have 3-4 spices, recipes, spice education and info about the country we are visiting. We’ll also have instructional videos to show you how to prepare the recipes and teach you cooking tips along the way.

We are passionate about food, and want to share with you the joy of cooking a meal and sitting down together with your loved ones. We’d love for you to join us!

Lots of LOVE,

Meghana & Kim
The Spice Madams

*Special thanks to our friend Hayal from Turkey for sharing some of her fave dishes above! You can find her on Instagram & Twitter @hayaldrm


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